Why do private embed links resolve to a "public.domo.com" address?

Our private embeds resolve to an address at public.domo.com. Is this normal? For example, if I go to a link like:


I get redirected to public.domo.com address like this:


The embeds do not seem to actually be public. When trying to access when not logged in to Domo, you do end up at the login screen, and then get redirected to the dashboard. Why is this? Why doesn't the address stay at mycompany.domo.com?

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    This is the embed server that handles embedding. It's a bit confusing with the domain being public but all the logic is handled there for private and public embedding. @ChrisBaker@chrishaleua may be able to shed some more light on this.

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  • Great feedback. I agree a different domain would be more intuitive. We have considered eventually changing it to embed.domo.com instead.

    In the meantime, rest assured this is definitely working as designed. When private embed URLs resolve to public.domo.com, that just means the APIs they reference are publicly documented on developer.domo.com and available to be used as long as you have a secure client ID and secret where only authenticated activity will actually render any content.


  • @grace@GrantSmith Even if it is private, which is does appear to be, it's still concerning. Hopefully Domo will change this in the future so there's no confusion.