Mass Renaming Columns

Is there any way for me to mass rename columns? Instead of going into the "Select Columns" tile and going down the list 1 by 1 can I copy paste a text file somewhere that will do this? In any other case I would be fine renaming, but right now my dataset has an output of almost 700 columns.


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    One option would be for you to select the select columns tile and the tile before and then choose the "copy to clipboard" option and pasted it into a text editor. It is JSON formatted data, so you could add in all your fields in your text editor and then paste it back into Magic ETL. Here is what the select columns tile looks like in a text editor with just a single field added called "name"

                "name": "Select Columns",
                "id": "42981323-1821-44aa-835d-06815d117720",
                "type": "SelectValues",
                "gui": {
                    "x": 252,
                    "y": 108
                "dependsOn": [
                "removeByDefault": false,
                "notes": [],
                "fields": [
                        "name": "name"

    Hope this helps.

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  • Wow... just tested this on a small scale (due to there being 700+ columns browser keeps freezing on me anytime I open up that tile lol) and it worked like a charm, thank you... I will comment on here again if I end up needing more help lol @MarkSnodgrass