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Hi Guys!

Is there a way to show more than three columns in the email body for scheduled reports. I know there is an option to include an attachment, but I wanted all the columns in my card to be shown in the emailed report.

Thank you 😊

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    Unfortunately, when a table is the scheduled report, Domo is essentially taking a picture of the table card and including it in the body. It is a fixed width and can't be adjusted. It would be a nice enhancement if the full table card was included, though.

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  • user001426
    user001426 Member
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    Hi guys, I found a work around that makes it possible to have at least 12 columns from a table show up in a scheduled report.

    First i created a new tab just for the table that needs to go out with more than 3 columns, then i scheduled the 'tab' with only one card on it to go out as a scheduled report. I then get all the columns i need. I actually added a second table in dashboard mode, next the the first table, and all columns for both tables show up.

    I hope this helps!