Card Timefilter for Dashboard Embed?

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How can we ensure to filter the timeframe per card when using Dashboard Embed?

(to confirm: I know how to apply timefilters for the entire Dashboard, but I'm looking for a way to enable the timefilters on a 'per card' basis)

Thanks in advance, Ruben Visser

Best Answers

  • @RubenVisser You can use either version of embed. I still recommend dashboard embed because of the cross-card interactions like you mentioned with filter/slicer/date cards.

    Another option that you might want to consider is card maximization. If an embed viewer wanted to filter dates just for a single card in a dashboard with multiple visualizations, they could hover over the specific card, click the maximization icon, choose the filter icon in the maximized window, and choose the date option for the filter type.

  • If you did not want to use the default date options in presentation mode, here is how the same could be done with date quick filters in card maximization:


  • @chrishaleua Any suggestions?

  • The main two ways to do this are to have separate embed tokens for each card or to create filter exceptions for each card in the layout:

    For your specific use case, I suggest the first option.

  • @chrishaleua Thanks a lot for the quick reply. To confirm - does that mean that we cannot use dashboard embed but have to switch to card embed? Because if that is the case - can we still use the 'filter cards' as well? Hope this makes sense

  • Thanks a lot @chrishaleua ! We will proceed with those recommendations, much appreciated!