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Hi Guys,

When I filter the date range by week I am getting the week of 05/27/2022 to appear on my card, but I am not getting the June of 2022 or the year of 2022 when I try different ranges.

CASE when MIN(`Period_End_Date`)=MAX(`Period_End_Date`) then DATE_FORMAT(`Period_End_Date`,'Week of %b %d, %Y','month of %b %d, %Y') else 'Select a Date Range' End

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    This is because you're attempting to compare the min and max values against each other. The only time this will be true is if you're looking at a records with a single Period End Date value. Once you go to the entire year the minimum value will never be the maximum value.

    If you're wanting to display a message to have the user select a single period_end_date then I'd recommend using a count distinct in your case statement:

    CASE WHEN COUNT(DISTINCT `Period_End_Date`) = 1 THEN DATE_FORMAT(MIN(`Period_End_Date`,'Week of %b %d, %Y','month of %b %d, %Y') ELSE 'Select a single Ending Period' END

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