DDX Bricks - Creating a linkable <iframe>

Hi - Looking for some assistance on editing a ddx brick html table card i downloaded from the appstore. I turned to ddx bricks because i could not get iframes to show up using ordinary html table cards. Now that i have an ddx html table correctly showing my embed iframes in one of the columns, i'd like to add additional functionality to it by making it linkable to a domo page.

if this is not possible, then i can settle for adding an additional column containing a hyperlink. How do i do this with ddx bricks? if i was using an ordinary card, i would simply do the following:

CONCAT('<div><a href="https://onjira.domo.com/browse.com"','"target="_blank">',`Sales Rep`,'</a></div>')

any help greatly appreciated.



  • Are you wanting to have the iframe clickable and take you to a new domo page or are you wanting a link/text inside your iframe to go to the new page?

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  • i'd love to know how to do both, truly, because there is a use case for both.

    but my primary use case right now is to make the iframe linkable to a domo page. if that is not possible, then the workaround would be to create a text with embedded hyperlink such as "Link here".

    in reviewing the javascript, it appears the contents of the table get ingested into an multidimensional array. i haven't yet cracked the correct code to extract the column of data containing the iframe to then manipulate. truthfully its a bit over my head and online resources aren't specific to the domo environment so any code i have played hasn't yielded anything positive.

    but not read to give up yet :)

    any help would be tremendously helpful!


  • I get an error when trying to open a new link.

    Blocked opening '<URL>' in a new window because the request was made in a sandboxed frame whose 'allow-popups' permission is not set.

    I think parent ifram has sandbox property and don't have 'allow-popups' in sandbox.

    You may have to ask the Domo developers to allow-popups in the sandbox.

  • Does this help with what you are looking to do? https://developer.domo.com/docs/dev-studio-guides/domo-js#domo.navigate

    There may also be a feature switch you need to have turned on for your customer to setup your whitelist and the Support team can help you with that.