Ability to Undo & Redo for Dashboard

Ken Domo Employee
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Including undo and redo options at the dashboard level (currently, we have it only at the card level), would make it easy while making edits.

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  • Upvote on this one! After hitting 'Convert to Standard Page' and saving and not having an Undo button is very painful!

  • TDanis
    TDanis Admin

    That is painful! I too have learned this the hard way.

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  • MRichards
    MRichards Member

    Amen for Undo and Redo!!!

  • ivianafe
    ivianafe Member

    This is a very helpful feature in the analyzer and would be great to have in dashboard design but also in the Magic ETL.

    This is because sometimes we select a group of tiles and do something else that erases this tiles and the only way to revert this is to close the Magic ETL edition losing anything else that was done.