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I am doing some Beastmode cleanup and I have a few questions.

If I delete a Beastmode, will it be deleted in all cards it is in, regardless if it is being used or not?

Also, What is the best way to find duplicate Beastmodes?

Lastly, which is better? deleting an unused Beastmode or Archiving it?



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  • GrantSmith
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    It depends if you're deleting a beast mode that's saved to the dataset or not. If you delete one from the card that isn't saved to the dataset then it's just that card.

    There isn't a simple way through the UI to get the duplicated beast modes however you can utilize the DomoStats / Data Governance datasets to get the cards and beast modes datasets which should have the beast mode definition and if it's saved to the dataset. You can then pull the powering dataset from the card dataset, group by the dataset and see how many records where the name and formula are the same and if there's more than one record you have a duplicated beast mode.

    Beast Mode Manager will archive off the beast mode and remove it from view. This is better if you want to be able to potentially recover the beastmode at a later time.

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