Is there a way to show averages for last day of month

I have data (cumulative totals and averages) for a dataset by day for various products...

I'd like to create a bar chart that shows the collective sum of the cumulative totals and collective average of the averages for the last day of each month...

Can anyone advise on how to do this?

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    If you are only want to show the data for the rows that contain the last day of each month you could create a beast mode that would evaluate this for you:

    CASE WHEN datefield = LAST_DAY(datefield) THEN 'Last Day of the Month'
    ELSE 'Some other day'

    You can then add this to the filtering section of the card and filter to "Last Day of the Month"

    Let me know if you are trying to do something else.

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