Comma Separated Field to Child Table

I've written a connector to query a remote API, the data has come in correctly but each row can have many labels, because the connector will only create one table at a time and I don't want to query the remote API twice I've created a comma separated field.

ID, Name, Labels

1, "Hi there", "hi, welcome, hello"

2, "Over there", "over"

3, "No labels on me", ""

I want to take the comma separated field and create a child table, then I can filter by each of the labels in the cards.

ID, Label

1, "hi"

1, "welcome"

1, "hello"..... etc

Is there a way to do this in Magic ETL or otherwise?

I'm also open to any other ideas for pulling the data in if this will help.

Many thanks.

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
    Answer ✓

    I'd recommend doing the splitting out in your custom connector and having a single row for each tag in your dataset, then you can use an ETL to group by and combine them together with a comma afterwards. It's easier to loop through all of your tags and generate one row for each tag.

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  • Thanks, I will give that a go, I'm hoping creating a child table will maybe a feature of magic ETL in the future :-)