Adding multiple series in Grouped and Stacked Chart

Does someone know how can I create a grouped chart with 2 series?

I would like to sum value from 2 products filtered and compare it on the same graph. But it's a index view, so I have to calculate the index (done at the backend of the data) and sum all value from each range I've got, like this image

So I choose product 1 and product 2 (both on the same row with index column already calculated)

the thing is, if I could use multiple series, I could create the graph I need, but It would give me the opportunity to add one more.

Is that another chart I can use or something I can change to get this?


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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    It needs to be a metric (number) and not a dimension (string). Once you have that you can then add multiple other metrics to your chart. With it being a dimension Domo is assuming all of your different series are within that dimension.

    If you had one row per product instead of all the products on the same row you could use the method you're showing in your example.

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  • Hi @amehdad,

    It could be something, but my bd structure has series in different columns, as in the example you shared, the series is on the same column.

    The importance of this chart is the index calculation/comparison I have for my products price. So I've match every product vs every product and create a index column at the end. With this I have in the same line product 1 description, product 1 sales volume, product 1 price, same fields for product 2 and also a index calculation between then.

    That is because in beastmode I couldn't create a dynamic calculation of that.

  • Thanks a lot all, now it's working!!