Reconnecting Disconnected Output DataSets and Cards

We are developing under several accounts (e.g. Dev1 and Dev2).

In order to organize the ownership, I have changed the ownership of some pages and cards to one account (Dev2 > Dev1).

Then the connection between the DataSet and the card got disconnected and the card is no longer visible.

For the card with a direct connection to the DataSet, I was able to recover by re-assigning the DataSet.

However, for the output DataSet that was processed by DataFlow, I cannot find a way to connect it to the card and it is still not visible.

It may be best to rebuild the card, but does anyone know how to connect it?

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    Have you changed the ownership of the DataFlow generating your dataflow dataset to Dev1? What about any input datasets for that dataflow? Have you made Dev1 the owner of those? Another option would be to make Dev2 a co-owner assuming you want both dev1 and dev2 to be able to edit your cards and dataflows?

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  • Thank you @amehdad and @GrantSmith for your answers. Sorry for the late confirmation. I was on holiday.

    I have solved this problem, though not completely.

    Dev1 and Dev2 had exactly the same Security Role, so I don't know why the connection between the card and the DataSet was broken. However, I was able to reconnect the DataSet and recover, albeit with some problems.

    It was a problem with the filter that prevented the data from being visible.

    When I checked the card on 1 November, it only had data up to 31 October, but the default date range was This Month. This was the cause of the problem.

    I apologise for the pointlessness of this question.