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Currently there are a few ways to show a series of events such as Calendar and Gantt chart. However, neither provides the clearest snapshot of current and future projects to help with decision-making while being visually striking and intuitive enough to be distributed across the wider business.

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See example in the comment section. We have a brick that is ready to be released. It is called a timeline brick. Waiting for feedback to see if this would solve the need.


  • Here is a "timeline" brick. It has options to flip vertically or horizontally. Wondering if this would solve the need?

  • Hi @Gavatar, thanks for offering the workaround, I was thinking more on this design, below, to showcase current and upcoming projects:

    The timeline brick appears like a chat thread, serving perhaps as a way to pull out memorable quotes and comments for a live campaign or event, or an internal comms log on development.

  • Very cool looking example. Here again is the sample brick that can be customized.

  • We are using your example as a core use case for this brick

  • Would it be possible to have tooltips enabled in this brick? I like the idea of saving space along the timeline by having a title (and perhaps short date) and then, as a tooltip, nested list of summary points, that can be shown through hover.