How to indicate story pages and regular pages on page list

Domo has two types of pages : story pages and regular pages.

I would like to create a list of pages that I manage like this.

Usually I use the Governance dataset when I list up page info, but the Governance dataset seem not to have a column that could output about the page type.

Could you give me some advice if you have any ideas on how we can list page types?

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    I think you can use the Activity Log to determine which pages are a story page and which ones aren't. I just converted a standard page to a dashboard page and two events were created in the activity log: Organized Dashboard and Edited Dashboard.

    You could create an ETL that would look for this event and then create a distinct list of pages with this event. You could then join to your full list of pages and be able to indicate which is a standard page and which is not based on the join results.

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  • eriena
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    Hi, @amehdad21, @GrantSmith , @MarkSnodgrass

    I'm glad to know your answer to my question.

    Thank you so much!

    I think it would be convenient if the filed of "Page type" is in Governance dataset, so I would like to post my request on 'Ideas Exchange' and also try to request this to my customer representative.

    As a solution up to that point, I would like to follow the advice of @MarkSnodgrass .

    I also tried to search the Activity Log for hints.

    When I create a standard page, Activity Log indicate as follows.

    Object type = Page

    Action = CREATED

    When we create a story page, the action below come up at the same time.


    When I cancel story page, the action below come up.


    When I delete the story page, 2 action come up.


    Action = DELETED

    Based on these hint, in case of that count of PAGE_LAYOUT_ENABLED > count of PAGE_LAYOUT_DISABLED 

    The page would be story page.

    I hope page type filed will be added Governance dataset in the near future.

    Thank you!!


  • You may be able to utilize the API to determine which type of page it is but it wouldn’t be a supported API and is a very technical solution. It would be nice if the governance or domostats datasets contained the page type

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