How to include nested folders in S3 advanced connector

Hello. I am trying to set up the connector that would fetch the data daily from S3 bucket. I am working on an advanced s3 connector as it seems to have a more intuitive way to grab the data.

My S3 schema looks like this: `s3://adtech-third-party-data/AmazonA9/2021/09/`

In DOMO settings credentials, I put adtech-third-party-data/ as the name of the bucket.

In the Details section for * FILE NAME I have AmazonA9/2021/09/ It worked, however, it didn't fetch all the files.

Below is the s3 bucket for folder adtech-third-party-data/AmazonA9/2021/09/ :

And this is what I have in DOMO:

It skipped a couple of days, for some reason.

What is the right * FILE NAME path I should use in order to fetch all the data?


  • Have you confirmed that the file names are included in your dataset or not? What specifically does your date field represent?

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  • I know this is old... However, if anyone is having this issue, you just need to select "Append" on the Scheduling section. That will pull all the files within the path/folder.