Ignore filters + include ALL entires of a specific measure in a formula, but filter other measures

I am tracking performance of a manufacturing process, and the various reasons parts get rejected. I can easily chart (Parts Rejected)/(Parts Run) aggregated by day for a reject rate, but I would also like to be able to separate the reasons out as a series. The formula I am after is then:

(Parts Rejected by Filtered Reasons)/(ALL Parts Run regardless of "reason" filter)

Here is a fictional data table of a single day, with a breakdown of what I want v. what I am getting. It makes sense what Domo is doing - filtering the dataset down to each "reason" and charting the first formula from that subset - but I would like a way for it to behave differently. I am aware I could create a new flow and aggregate each reason as I want, but this removes some other flexibility and capabilities I would like.

Currently I cant display the reasons as a series, and have it as a filter. Even then however the user must select the reason(s) they want AS WELL AS the 'blank' checkbox to include all the parts that were not rejected. However still as I am typing this I am realizing that excludes all the parts run that were rejected for a different reason so actually I am misrepresenting the data with that...

I guess perhaps a better way to word all this is I want some calculations to ignore other types of filters. I am coming from PowerBI where I could indicate if a measure used in a formula was to ignore any filters, and I am missing that level of control...


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  • @pl_Luke it's unclear to me how you're defining the numerator and denominator. it sounds like you want to be able to choose the reasons included in the numerator and then always have it divide by an 'all member' i.e. all activity.

    if that's the case, then just UNION the data onto itself. but add a column [Report_Reason] which contains the Reason column for UNION_A and then a constant Denominator for UNION_B.

    Then instruct your users to always include "Denominator" and they can choose the members of the numerator.

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  • Thank you for the suggestion @GrantSmith ! Unfortunately I dont think this accomplishes what I am after, while it is a step in the right direction. It seems segments allows to ignore specific filters like I am interested in, but it doesnt seem you can then use it in a beastmode. Since I only want the denominator in my metric to ignore specific filters but have the numerator follow the filters, I am not seeing how segments get me that specific functionality.

    All that said, you mentioning segments is the first encounter I have had with them so perhaps I missed something? I was toying with it for a while and could not get what I was looking for.

  • @jaeW_at_Onyx Following up with this, I went your suggested route and UNION'd the data onto itself to get my desired results. While not ideal because I wanted to run multiple different metrics off of the same dataset (which I guess I still could by constraining to only union A or B...), this still is a good work around that provides accurate results.

    Thank you!