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My datasets were moved to a different server and now I need to point all my dataflows/cards to the new dataset. Before I do can someone please guide me with the following questions:

Is there a way to change the datasets in one place vs going thru each dataflow?

My predecessor applied some of the beast modes to the dataset, I am thinking this will not change but can one of the super domo users please let me know if I am correct.

I did a test last night and so far nothing has happened. The data set has the same columns, rows, and fields. Is there any potential issues that I should be looking for?

Thank you!

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    Hi @Liliana

    There isn't a simple way of swapping out one dataset for another. You'll need to do each one manually. With DataSet Views now available going forward I'd recommend any cards or dataflows point to a data set view of your original dataset so that when you underlying dataset changes you can just change the view. It's helpful too as it'll ask how you want your columns remapped to the new columns.

    Depending on how technical you are you could write a script to interact with the APIs to extract the dataflow JSON definition, change the input dataset id then re-upload the dataflow definition via the API but it's a much more technical option with some risks of breaking the dataflow if the columns aren't named the same.

    Beast modes are saved to the dataset however you can use Beast Mode manager to copy the beast modes. Alternatively if you change the dataset on a card by clicking on "Dataset last updated..." link on the bottom of the card details page it will allow you to change the datasets and keep the beast modes from the card onto the new dataset.

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