Filtering using BeastMode with a plus

Hi, People!

We have a uncommon situation here.

We receive a dataset view by Snowflake with raw data and aggregated data and they are distinguished by a filed named "Data Type" 😶


We have metrics in beast mode that look to raw data to calculate numerators and others that calculate denominators looking the aggregated data lines.

What i need is: when i filter one field (Provider, for exemple), DOMO needs to return that aggregated data, too.

When i tried in Analyser I Have this (at the aggregated data, the column Provider is filled with EXCEPT PROVIDER... to simulate the ALLEXCEPT of PowerBI):

That's whats happend when i filter a Provider without include the "EXPECT PROVIDER": The metric [ABS Category Growth (R$)] returns blank

But, when i select both, the metric return the correct value

Is there a way to instruct DOMO to do the addicional selection automatically?


Best Answer


  • There isn't a way built in to Domo which will allow you to get all the values except the one you're filtering. Domo works by running the filter first and then applying any beast modes. So with your beast mode attempting to get records which don't equal your filter there never will be any because they were filtered out beforehand.

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  • And is not possible to say to DOMO: "Hey, the user filtered that, but you need to include that other value, too"?