Line plus grouped chart - getting Y axis and 1st series on left scale, 2nd series on right scale

Hi there,

On the attached image, the Y axis value and the first series value are counts.

Y axis = count of all orders (the blue line)

First series column = count of delayed orders (the green bars)

The second series column = (count of all orders - count of delayed orders)/count of all orders. Or, in other words, the percent of orders that are not delayed.

So, since the Line and the Green bar are both counts, and the orange bar is a percent, I'm trying to figure out a way to have the line and the green bar represented on the left side scale, and the percent on the right side scale.

But, in the picture, only the line is on the left scale, while the green bar is represented on the right scale.

Not sure if this is possible.

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    The closest thing you can do is to choose Sync Value Scales under the General Chart Properties. This will make the left and right be the same.

    I would think it would make more sense to have your percentage field be the line and your two order counts be the bars in the series. You'd then be able to format the line as a percentage and it would be more evident between which values are percentage and which values are counts.

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  • I agree with @MarkSnodgrass

    put your percentage value first and it’ll be displayed as a percentage and have a separate scale from your other two counts with your counts on the same scale.

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