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Hey Everyone!

 Our team is new in DOMO and we are having some issues with handling Beast Mode formulas as we did in PowerBI. DAX's ALL formula, for example.

 How do we manage in DOMO to use a denominator that ignores user-selected universe filters, like DAX's ALL does?

 We tried to use Window Functions, but it keeps considering certain filters and creating DataFlows is not a reality in our client.

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    Hi @bp_paulo_fernandes

    User filters are applied to the entire dataset, there isn't really an 'ALL' option like in Power BI. You might be able to aggregate your data via a dataflow and join that to your original dataset. This way each row would have the values from the entire dataset when each row is filtered via the user filters on the card. You can then use the aggregated column value in your beast modes.

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