Compare Goals this year and last year in the same graph.

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I'm trying to create a bar line graph where I could see our current monthly results and the goal from this year, and also be able to see the percentage of last year's goal in the same graphic. Do you know what kind of visualization I could use?


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    Hi @nbrx

    Whenever I typically need to do some period over period comparisons I actually restructure my data so that I have a report date and a "comparison date" (the actual date the metric was recorded on) and calculate it as necessary. This allows you to have custom defined periods (like 2 weeks ago and a week ago).


    You'd essentially use the report date in your graph but then have beast modes to determine which type of period to display (last week, 2 weeks ago etc.) and centralizes this logic so you have one place to maintain it rather than across multiple cards and beast modes.


    I've written about this method previously here:

    As for your visualization I'd recommend utilizing a Line + Bar graph where you can define the number of series values which are represented as lines and the rest are displayed as bars by default. This option is under the general settings on the graph.

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