Box advanced connector multiple excel files

In the Details section of the Box Advanced connector, the information icon next to the "Would you like to choose a file from folder" indicated that if selected as Yes, then the connector should pull the files from the folder specified in the "Folder name or ID" field. However, when I execute this data load with a folder specified, it still seems to only grab the first file based on the creation date. I have 3 files in my box folder, all starting with "IRI PCA Extract" and I want Domo to grab all three files. Do I have to create 3 different Box Advanced connections?

It seems like by selecting this, it is supposed to ignore the date field above? If this is not the case, then Domo really needs to change their wording in the information.


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    If you want to pull 3 different files from somewhere, you have to build three different connections, one for each file. This is the case for any connection type, SharePoint, sftp, Workbench. Each file needs its own connection.

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  • Thanks! It's too bad you can't use a folder. It would save a lot of time.