Scheduled report with a repeated card


I want to create a scheduled report to be sent by mail.

However, I have a special requirement: I want one of the cards of the source dashboard to appear "duplicated" several times on the email report, each time with a different filter.

For example, if the original dashboard has a "sales per day of the week" card, I would like the email report to have a version of the card where the data has been filtered with country = 'France', another version with country = 'Germany', and so on.

  • Is there a way to do accomplish this using the standard scheduled report functionality? My reading of the documentation points to "no".
  • Is there a way to accomplish something like this using the Domo API? If there were endpoints to export images of individual cards under different filters, I might be able to assemble the report email myself. Support for embedding seems to exist in the API, but are there endpoints for exporting cards as an image?

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    Hi @danidiaz

    It's not possible currently. You option is to duplicate (save a copy) the card on your dashboard and implement your different filters on the different versions of the cards and then schedule that report / dashboard to be emailed.

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