Confused about the difference between pages, dashboards, and Domo Stories

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I can create a new page from the "manage pages" menu.

I can also use this other menu to create a Dashboard, which will also appear in the page listing:

I can also take a regular already-existing page and click on "Design Dashboard", which the docs say it will create a "Domo Story":

What's the difference between a Page, a Dashboard, and a "Story" created through "Design Dashboard"?

Are "Stories" full-blown dashboards, or are they something else?

(Edited to remove some incorrect paragraph about "filter views".)

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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @danidiaz

    A Page is a collection of cards. It's the link that appears on your left hand navigation. The default version just a bunch of cards listed grouped together in different "containers". There isn't any interaction between the cards.

    A Domo Story is a Dashboard (and a page), they're one in the same. IT allows you to utilize filter cards and all of the cards will interact with others so if you highlight a section on one card to filter the data it'll update the other cards (if possible) to filter the same data. You also have much more control over the display of the cards and how they're layed out for better visualization.

    I pretty much use dashboards exclusively.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Coach
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    In Domo a Dashboard is synonmous with a Page. A Card is synonymous with a chart / object on a page.

    Pre 2019, Pages were organized into Collections of Cards.

    In 2019, Domo developed a new feature called "Stories" and "Layouts" simultaneously in two different departments. They took the best of both features and created the feature referred to as "Stories" which is the more structured dashboard layout most of us are familiar with today.

    IMHO Domo could tighten up on the language they use to talk about features in their product, but hopefully that all makes sense.

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