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I have a card Daily Ticket Flow that has Count of tickets by hour for the previous week. My users want to see an Average of tickets received for that hour instead of actuals. I saw something in the old Community platform about Beast Mode using buckets and then averaging the bucket. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi @user030156 / Michael

    I'd recommend using a dataset view (talk to your CSM to join the beta if you don't already have it) to calculate the date and hour of your timestamp.





    Then group based on these two fields (date and hour) and count the number of tickets you have using the COUNT aggregate within your dataset view.

    Then using the dataset output from this view in your card you can use the Hour field as your X axis and then take the AVERAGE of your count field to get the average per hour over the last X days based on your card filter.

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  • Excellent suggestion and I appreciate the exposure to the dataset view!!


  • @user030156 , change your aggregate in analyzer from the default of SUM to AVG.

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