Integrate Mapbox to Domo

Hi All,

Currently, learning Domo and trying to wrap my head around the platform.

Can anyone give me some advice/guidance on to integrate the map from 

I am trying to build a map of NSW state - Australia with postcode(zip code) and overlay with buildings' location. Similar to the map in this article: Flexible mapping tools for Domo BI apps | by Mapbox | maps for developers

I appreciate any help you can provide.


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  • @ktranstudent ,

    Mapbox and the Custom SVGs are completely different approaches to solving problems (but neither is necessarily better or worse). Does it HAVE to be mapbox? What's the problem you're trying to solve?

    What's your level of skill with writing JavaScript Apps? Because custom apps are functionally iFrames in Domo, so you've gotta build it up from the ground up.

    Absolute intro, "hello world" to building apps on the Domo platform. --

    SugarForce starter is a good bit more sophisticated and includes a solid starter template.

    From there just use mapbox's documentation.

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  • Hi @ktranstudent

    Domo allows you to upload custom SVG files with defined regions to create a custom visualization. Essentially you define where the buckets are displayed and Domo takes care of the calculating the buckets.

    For more information on this you can refer to this knowledge base article:

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  • @jaeW_at_Onyx

    I am trying to create a heatmap where businesses located across Sydney City using the suburb's postcode (zip code).

    I chose Mapbox because it has the Sydney City map with the suburb boundaries.

    I am very comfortable with Web App development. I'm just a newbie to Domo and Data Analytics/Viz in general.

    I also quite enjoy your Youtube channel.