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Hey is there any chance a Bar Chart Race is in development or has anyone figured out a work around in DOMO? I realize this will probably make most data analyst cringe as there really isn't a ton of value out of this type of chart, but it can be attention grabbing for certain groups/presentations if used correctly. 


If you are unsure what I am talking about, just search in youtube for Bar Chart Race and there are a ton of videos.


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  • ... so you want a chart that shows change over time.

    AFAIK no.  you'd have to build a custom app.


    in the middle of this page they have an example of what can be done... but basically you'd have to code your own app / viz and upload it to your Domo dashboard.

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  • Thanks for the reply!  Yes this example is almost exactly what I was looking for and even though I didn't mention it, I was hoping to have two charts moving together (on the same timeline) just as this example shown. Unfortunately, it is above my current technical skillset and resource level to develop something on my own. I was able to hodgepodge something together using PwrBI (Boooo) + Power Point animation and and audio clip. The end result was actually quite fantastic and was received well during the presentation. However, I never want to go that route again and would prefer to do something in DOMO. 


    So, I guess I will add it to the "suggested features" for now unless someone here feels like creating some sharable code with some basic charts ?


    Also, I had actually found your youtube channel the other day through a different post and it was very helpful on solving a window function beast mode! (I actually just updated my username from USER### to my name based on your recommendation too)


    Thanks again.





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