distinct count of concat (column) , row_number over partition by (column) - Why isn't this working?

Good morning


I'm curious if anyone has any insight into why this beastmode doesn't work, because if I could get this to work, it would solve a lot of work for me.


The beastmode that doesn't work for me is:  COUNT(DISTINCT ( CONCAT(`hs_rpt_drivemaster.driveid`,'',row_number() over (partition by `hs_rpt_drivemaster.driveid`))))


It works up to the point that I add the count distinct function in

 Meaning this works fine: row_number() over (partition by `hs_rpt_drivemaster.driveid`)

And this works fine: CONCAT(`hs_rpt_drivemaster.driveid`,'',row_number() over (partition by `hs_rpt_drivemaster.driveid`))


But once I try to count this Distinct Concat count, I get the dreaded "An issue has occurred during processing.  We are unable to complete this request"


The reason I am trying to do a row number partitioned by "DriveID" is that DriveID's can have a 1st shift and a 2nd shift, creating 2 rows.  However, we have no unique identifier of 2nd shifts, and not all drives have 2nd shifts.  I am wanting a distinct count of shifts, not drives.   So I was trying to do distinct count of concat ([driveA],[rownumber])


I have attached a snapshot of an example spreadsheet for a visual




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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    Hi @HashBrowns 


    Domo doesn't like it when you try and take an aggregate (count) of another aggregate (row_number). There's some caveats to this with window functions but how you're utilizing this is why.



    What I'd recommend you do is create a new Magic ETL (or a Dataset View if you have the beta) to perform your windowing (Rank & Window tile in ETL 2.0) to calculate your unique ID (row number then combine the fields together in another tile) then use that new column & dataset in your card to perform your count distinct.



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