Specifying Domo sub-domain using python SDK

Is there a way to specify that I would like my request via the python sdk to only return from a specific sub instance of Domo? If not, how would I specify/pass this in a standard API call?

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  • it depends on the API.

    if you're using any of the APIs identified on developer.domo.com, you're Access Token or ClientID and Secret automatically direct you to 'your instance of domo.'


    the only reason you'd use a different URL is if you were using non-public APIs (APIs not listed under developer.domo.com)

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  • Hi @curious 


    Does your sub instance have a separate URL or is it all contained within your main instance URL? If it has it's own URL have you tried using that URL instead of the main instance URL?

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  • It has it's own url, and I tried to use that one, but I get a 'not found' error. Is there any enablement that you have to do to the enviroment to allow for API calls? Or some sort of trick to manipulating the url?

  • correction: I'm getting a badRequest:"There is no json version of this resource" error - works fine if I use the main url.

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