Cancel sharing all cards on a page

Please let me ask to solve my issue.

For instance I shared Tom to PageA.

All cards on PageA are shared to Tom automatically, and Tom can see all cards on the pageA.


After that, I canceled sharing PageA to Tom. Although I canceled sharing PageA to Tom, all cards on the PageA remained to be shared to Tom still.


Is there any way to cancel sharing PageA and all cards on PageA as well at once? Or should I stop sharing all cards one by one?

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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @eriena 


    Because of possible permission issues Domo doesn't automatically remove access to the cards. 


    For example Card 1 is part of Page A and Page B. If Tom was shared Page A and Page B he has access to Card 1. If he's then removed from Page A but still has access to Page B he'd still need access to Card 1 which makes removing permissions on cards automatically difficult.


    If you do have access to the Admin > Cards section you can do a mass update of permissions there by selecting multiple cards and clicking on the Edit drop down then "Remove Users and Groups". You can also click on the three dots to the right of a column name to filter the results (for example a specific page)

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