Dynamic Text on Dashboard textbox?

Hello All,


Trying to add some dynamic descriptive text to my dashboard and not sure if this is possible.  


I want to put the dynamic verbiage "increased" or "decreased" depending on the percent change of my metric of the given timeframe.


Is it possible to display this sort of dynamic text as a summary number in a dashboard text box?


Any help is appreciated.


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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @user007486 

    You can utilize a beast mode to dynamically generate some text. If you're wanting to utilize this text as a summary number then you must use an aggregate function (sum, count etc). Beast modes without an aggregate function are not supported as summary numbers.


    Assuming you have a value and target columns the following would work on a row level:


    CASE WHEN `value` > `target` then 'Increase'
    WHEN `value` < `target` then 'Decrease'
    ELSE 'Same'



    To use it as a summary number (your logic will vary):


    CASE WHEN SUM(`value`) > SUM(`target`) then 'Increase'
    WHEN SUM(`value`) < SUM(`target`) then 'Decrease'
    ELSE 'Same'



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  • Ok that seems to work.  I guess I just need to make sure I get my beast mode calculations correct in order to avoid the display errors.  thank you, sir!

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