Can a Period over Period chart with no data in previous quarter display data in subsequent periods

I have a question about using a Period over Period chart.  We have a field call Organizations comprised of all of our locations.  If I filter on one of the locations to show the number of reports from previous quarter over 1 quarter ago from that and over 1 year ago and if that location does not show up when I filter on Organizations, I assume that means they do not have any reports for the previous quarter.  But what if they do have reports from the 1 quarter ago and 1 year ago?  The chart would not be able to report those time frames either because the location is not able to be filtered.  Am I understanding this correct?  Why does the location not show up in the filter regardless?


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  • yes the problem is as you described.


    but also ... avoid making one dashboard for each region or group of hospitals.  you're going to create a nightmare where you have to manipulate 10 dashboards just because everyone wanted one change...


    instead use a filter card to define the hospital groups 


    if some hospital groups  have region specific requirements, make a subpage that shows those specific drilldown metrics, but try to avoid making more work for yourself!

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  • i don't understand your question.  can you include a screenshot annotated with the desired behavior?


    -- how filtering in analyzer works --

    one thing to keep in mind is that when filters in cards (in the filter section) they will show values based on available data WITH OTHER FILTERS APPLIED.  So if you apply a filter that screens out 90% of your data, the other filters can only create a list of options based on the remaining 10% of your data.


    With regards to the POP cards, those have functionally 2 sets of filters at work.  one set determines which data is pulled into the card.  the second filter is defined within the chart that subsets the data to "last year" or "previous quarter".  But those second filters are applied within the chart AFTER the initial date filter.


    It doesn't necessarily answer your question, but think what would happen to your chart if in your Top Left you filtered your data to only activity where the year is 2020.  It would stop data from 2019 from entering your card and thus make it unavailable in your POP analysis.

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  • Hello, and thank you for responding.  I think if I add an attachment, it might help what I trying to explain however,I think I might know what the issue is.  I had created a collection of cards for a dashboard then did a save as to create several other dashboards for each of our organizations.  When you go to edit the card to select the specific organization the date range is already set so not all organizations show in the filter if they have no incidents for the previous quarter. You almost have to remove the date range then first do the filter over.  Does that sound right?

     See attachment.

    Period over Period chart x and y axis – Date Entered  and Count of Incidents 

    Date Range set to Previous Quarter by Quarter as shown in the legend

     I want to report on just two specific Organizations 

    Loyola University Health System (IL) and Mercy Health System of Chicago (IL) however Mercy Health System of Chicago is not showing because they don’t have any incidents in the previous quarter but they do have incidents in all of the prior time periods.   When I changed the date range to all time and Mercy Health system of Chicago was in filter and could be selected. Then I had to set the Date range again to the appropriate settings.   





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