Tableau formula Conversion to domo question

Hey all, I am trying to create a formulas in my ETL but keeps giving a syntex error. 

I'm trying to translate this tableau formula:

if ([Prior 5 Days Avg]) > 0 and sum([Current Day]) > 0 Then

(sum([Current Day]) - ([Prior 5 Days Avg]))/([Prior 5 Days Avg])

elseif sum([Current Day]) = 0 then -.99

else .99



Into a DOMO formula: 


WHEN (`Average 5 Day Usage`) > 0 AND SUM(`Current Day Usage *`) > 0

THEN (Sum(`Current Day Usage *`) - (`Average 5 Day Usage`))/(`Average 5 Day Usage`)

WHEN Sum(`Current Day Usage *`) = 0

THEN -0.99

ELSE 0.99



But DOMO does not seem to like my above formula. 

Any thoughts?

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    @kacy i'm assuming you've created a dataset with 'current day' and average 5 day usage' as columns.  you can do that, but I'm not sure I'd recommend this approach because you'll have tons of limited use datasets that only work for one visualization, and eventually it'll become a nightmare to maintain.


    but setting that aside, Domo is built on SQL.  So you have to convert your query into proper SQL syntax.


    looks like you had an extra asterix.  if that asterix is intentional, take it out of your dataset, it's unwise to use characters that are reserved for math in column names.


    WHEN (`Average 5 Day Usage`) > 0 AND SUM(`Current Day Usage *`) > 0


    also you have a problem with your parenthesis / your understanding of aggregation.  you can't have half of your formula operate on a SUM and the other half without.


    (Sum(`Current Day Usage *`) - (`Average 5 Day Usage`))/(`Average 5 Day Usage`)


    you can't do this.  Sum(`Current Day Usage *`) this is an aggregation, which means all other columns referred to in your dataset must be aggregated as well.



    Sum((`Current Day Usage *` - `Average 5 Day Usage`)/ `Average 5 Day Usage`)


    (Sum(`Current Day Usage *`) - SUM(`Average 5 Day Usage`))/ sum( `Average 5 Day Usage`)



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  • Thank you! Thanks for the explanation as well that was very helpful!