One workbench, multiple Domo instances

Hello!    Our organization works with customers using different instances of Domo.  (Example:  and


Does anyone know if one instance of Workbench 5.0 can send jobs to both and   If so, can someone share the configuration magic that needs to be set up for that to happen?


Or, do the customers using instance need to install their own instance of Workbench and train someone how to use it?


We know we can use Domo Publish to send datasets and reports from one instance to another, but are seeking an alternative to using Publish.


Thank you!!!

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    Yes, you can use one instance of Workbench to connect to multiple Domo instances. Just click on the key icon (Accounts page) and then enter the Domo instance that you want to connect to. You'll have to have credentials for each instance, but other than that, it will work just fine.

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