Deleting and recreating jobs in Workbench


Some of the jobs in workbench were not running on schedule and when I checked the log viewer and it says “Local is past due. Queued for execution”.
I went ahead and recreated the same job just to check if they run on schedule and they do as expected.
My query is if I delete the old jobs(which weren’t running on schedule), they are already connected to Domo instance and we have created cards and dataflows based on those jobs.
What happens behind the scenes, how will domo instance pick the newly created jobs and will the cards and dataflow break?

Can I go ahead and delete the old jobs?




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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    Hi @Khan_Naziya 


    First I'd recommend you utilize the Work Bench executable command line to backup your specific jobs you're working with.


    C:\Program Files\Domo\Workbench> .\Wb.exe export-job --help
    Workbench Console Tool
    Copyright (C) 2017 - 2019 Domo
    Version 5.0.7460.37975
    Usage: wb export-job [option...]
      -f, --force         (Default: False) Overwrite existing job files
      -j, --jobid         Id of the Domo DataSet Job to export
      -n, --jobname       Name of the Domo DataSet Job to export
      --logfile           Log file
      -o, --outputfile    Required. Output file for exported job
      -s, --server        Required. Domo server to connect to (e.g.,


    If you delete the workbench job Domo will still continue to run as the dataset within Domo won't be deleted (but will stop being updated). If you created a new job it likely created a new dataset (even if you have called it the same the internal ID is different) so your cards wouldn't take into affect your new dataset and would need to be updated. However it might be possible in the Workbench job to change the output dataset under Overview tab > Domo Details > DataSet Name. You can select browse and then change the output dataset of the workbench job to be your old dataset your cards are using.


    Before you do that have you attempted to restart the Domo Workbench Service (you need to launch the Windows Services application and find it in the list)?

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  • Khan
    Answer ✓

    Thanks @GrantSmith !


    I did not restart the workbench service but I am aware that restarting the workbench is an option to make the job workflow return to normal.

    I am still a newbie to workbench and was curious what happens if I delete a job and recreate it and how does my old datasets get updated.

    Also, I followed your steps and changed the output dataset under Overview tab > Domo Details > DataSet Name and changed the output dataset of the workbench job to old datasets.



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