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Let me try to explain this as clear as I can since the subject title is sort of not clear. For context, my role is card builder within my organization. I am putting together a dashboard that is related to SEM Competitive insights using google auction insights data.


This is my default view of my line chart. Here I have my company (green line) and our competition in blue. I used a simple case statement to make a beast mode that groups all our competitors into a "Competitor" group because there are over 50+ competitors which makes the visual look like a piece of abstract art. 

 Screen Shot1.PNG


At the top of my dashboard, I have a simple filter that lists ALL our competitors (all the competitors in the competitor group). This is for someone to look at how a specific competitor is doing compared to us. Naturally, when you pick a specific competitor in the filter, it will remove our company/brand from the chart and only show the line chart for said competitor like this:


Screen Shot2.PNG


How would I make it so when someone decides to look at a specific competitor it will still keep our companys metrics in the same line chart? is it even possible?

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    Hi @user32470 ,


    You'd need to have two records for each competitor in your data set.


    Assuming your data looks like this:

    1/1/2020Our Company987


    You'd want it structured like:



    This way they can filter on the Competitor but still plot the two different series (Comparison).



    Alternatively you could utilize a data flow and select only your company's data do a join to the main dataset based on date and include the amounts from both tables so it'd look something like:

    DateCompetitorThem AmountUs Amount
    1/1/2020Our Company987987


    Then you'd use Them Amount and Us Amount as your two series and allow the user to filter on Competitor.

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