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I am using DOMO to run commission reports and I am curious if there is a way to graph by 1st-15th and then 16th to the end of month? I know I can Graph by Day, Week, Month and so on but is it possible to do biweekly? 



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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    You could create a beast mode field that would group them into bi-weekly groups. You could do something like the following:

    (CASE WHEN DAY(`Date`) <= 15 
     	THEN '1st - 15th'
    	ELSE '16th - EOM'

    This would give you results, such as July 1st-15th, July 16th-EOM, etc... 

    You would then just drag this into your x-axis and your date into the sorting to get them to display properly.

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  • Just make sure to include year with @MarkSnodgrass  solution.


    To make a sort-able column I'd recommend generating an integer 


    Year() * 100 + Month() * 10 + CASE WHEN ... then 1 else 2 END


    GOAL: 2020011 or 2020012

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