Sending email alerts to specific users based on dataset email field

Hi everyone,


I have a dataset which looks like the following:

EmailRunning Latest VersionVersion
[email protected]Yes2.1
[email protected]Yes2.1
[email protected]No1.0
[email protected]No1.5


I would like to do the following: If someone is not running the latest version (Running Latest Version = No) then send an email to the person as an alert. To be able to do this, I would need Domo to use a data column (in this case the email field) as the send field in an alert while being able to apply conditions. 


Is this currently possible within Domo or would I need to use an external tool/method?


Thank you!


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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
    Answer ✓

    Hi @user022825 


    Domo currently can't handle sending alerts to a dynamic e-mail address. You'd likely need some external process (like a python script) to pull the data and send the emails based on the list.

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