Government Datasets and Activity Log including Card ID and Page ID

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I tried to count the number of time of "VIEW" of specific cards existing on several pages by Activity Log.
For the reason Activity Log has no records of Card ID and Page ID both, Card ID and Page ID cannot be linked.
I would like to know who viewed the cards from which page.
Is there any way to get log data of VIEW linked Card ID and Page ID both?


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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    @eriena I haven't looked at the Activity Log closely, but it sounds like you're saying, if a card is shared to multiple pages, it can be difficult to know which page a user was on when they access a given card.


    If that's true, you could do some ETL magic, and basically implement a LAG() function which asks "for each card view what was the most recent page a viewer viewed."  Hopefully, that will accurately inform, which page a user was on before they clicked into a card.... but you'd have to do some testing to verify.


    I think you'll have to implement this one in Redshift / MySQL because I think you'll want to implement your LAG on a CASE statement or JOIN on some sort of a weird subQuery.


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