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I'd like to build a card for my dashboard which shows the revenues of advertising placements against the number of sessions. What is tricky here is that the number of sessions is the same for each advertising placement. In fact,one visitor sees multple advertising placement during its session.

So, I have a dataframe with the revenues of my placements by date / language / URL etc. I appended AND joined to the dataframe, the number of sessions by date / language / URL etc.

My question is how how would you be able to create a beast mode that calculates the sum of sessions / the sum of revenues * 1000 over each placements ?


Here is what I managed to do.

The "Sessions the joined way" is very high because it is the sum of all the lines where the 204 476 023 appears in my dataframe (there are more than 3 000 000 lines in that dataframe)

What I haveWhat I have

Here is what I expect to get in yellow. It is a view from PowerBI which handles the multiple datasets differently.

card to replicate.PNG

Thank you a lot for your help. I hope you'll understand me.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    assuming you use the APPEND model:


    it sounds like "for each row, calculate sum of revenue divided by the sum of all sessions."


    sum(revenue) / sum(sum(sessions)) over ()


    you'll need to ask your CSM to enable aggregate functions in beast modes.

    Here's a tutorial video with an example:

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  • Hi @jaeW , Thanks for answering this one!


    @user061469 To complete what Jae has said, I would point out that a lot of the aggregated functions may already be working on your instance without the need for you to reach your CSM.

    You would need to reach to your CSM if you want to use these aggregate functions within your filter conditions as this is a feature request.


    FYI, some aggregate functions are supported and will run without problem in Domo, such as SUM() and RANK() but some are not supported and may not work well or with all chart options (i.e. MIN(), MAX(), NTILE(), etc...)


    I hoe that clarified it!

  • Thank you Jae,


    Your video also helped me out !

    Have a great day !

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