Workbench Job Types (Workbench Excel v. Excel)

With the new Workbench all of our Excel job types are now named "Workbench Excel" and all of our jobs created previously are named "Excel".  Is there any difference in how these function?  Would it be beneficial from a perfomance standpoint to delete the old "Excel" jobs and recreate them as the new "Workbench Excel"?

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  • jstan
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    The only difference that I know of is in the online data center, if you filter dataset results by Type, you would have both Workbench Excel and Excel listed.  If you only wanted one dataset type, you could either (1) use the Domo API to switch the dataset types of existing datasets to Workbench Excel or (2) create new workbench jobs replacing your existing ones (you could still select the existing dataset in Domo to update).

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