cannot switch dataset created from view

I created a dataset using View, however, when I try to switch the dataset to use this view-dataset in the existing cards, it just say: unable to switch card. I am able to create a card from scratch using the view-dataset.  Does  anyone have similar experience?   I wanted to update a page with more than 50 cards with this view-dataset, donot want to recreate all cards - tons of formatting .


Thank you. 

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  • WizardOz
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    after testing many different scenario, I think the issue is related to the calculated columns, not the size of the view.


    Here is a work-around : 

    Create view1 from the original data and add all you calculated columns in View1, then create View2 from View1.  You are able to swap the dataset with View2 in the existing cards.  


    Do not add any new calculated fields in View2.   If any new calculated column is added in View2, then you could not swap View2 in any existing card again.


    Hope this helps if anyone wants to swap dataet with a View dataset. 


    Thank you.



  • @WizardOz ,


    so to clarify you created a view... a FUSION? or a Data View (the new beta?) or a View via the JavaCLI?


    and you're saying you unable to take an existing card and switch the dataset to another dataset.


    Sounds like a weird bug.

    Can you confirm that you can switch your card's dataset to any other dataset (even one that's completely unrelated?)

    If yes, can you confirm that the View has data in it?

    If yes, can you make a second view with only the columns needed for that one card, and successfully swap the dataset?


    If yes, I would guess that the size of the view is so large that the query is having trouble updating fast enough to swap the card.  but I would confirm by opening a ticket with support.


    My last test step would be to use the java cli to export-card and then replace the dataset_ids with the view and then try uploading the card definition to domo.


    Jae Wilson
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  • Hi Jae,


    I am using the Viewer explorer beta to get s subset from the original dataset. It has about 120 columns with about a dozen of them are the new columns I created based on the beast modes used in the dashboard. 


    It looks like the # of columns is the cause: when I cut the columns to 70, I can switch the dataset without issue.  I will try to cut more columns, but it is impossible to cut half of the fields.  Do you know the limitation on this?


    Thank you.    



  • @jaeW_at_Onyx  an update:  this is very strange - In previous case, I created a new view based on the view-dataset,  randomly dropped the columns to 65. Then I can easily swap this smaller view dataset.  Now in the actual view-dataset, I cut the columns to 65 (with different columns from previous testing case), but it still showing the error message and won;t let me swap the dataset.


    Did I do something wrong when I first create the view?


    Thank you.