Accessing DataSource details through API


I would like to access the metadata of a datasource through some programatila way.

I want to go through our BI developpers SQL queries, which they are executin against our on prem database.

So I need to have access to the datasources/settings/details/query part.


Thank you


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    Hi @user039888 

    If you're using workbench you can export jobs via the export-job or export-jobs command:


    PS C:\Program Files\Domo\Workbench> .\Wb.exe help
    Workbench Console Tool
    Copyright (C) 2017 Domo
    Version 5.0.6996.33056

    Usage: wb [command] [option...]

    check-jobs Causes the service to check for jobs that need to be run
    export-jobs Exports DataSet Jobs to a folder
    export-job Exports a DataSet Job to a file
    export-key Exports your key if it's in an exportable format
    import-key Imports the exported key
    queue-job Queues a DataSet Job to be run asynchronously by the service
    run-job Runs a DataSet Job synchronously and displays the results

    You'd need to supply the dataset ID.


    There is also the Domo Governance Datasets Connector which can get you a list of all of the datasets and additional information (Beast Modes, Cards, Data Flows, etc. but not the underlying SQL queries) so you could have this connector run on a daily basis and then have a script to export that dataset to get a list of all the other data sets you want to be exported. The jobs get exported as JSON files.

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