Not sure what etl function to use

I am trying to create individual columns for each contact type. Theya re connected to the prospect id (ex. each prospect has their own indivdual id). I cant seem to figure out how to ahieve this using magic etl. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  • If data is not showing up in your uncollapsed columns, be careful and ensure you match the spelling of the lookup value.  Domo is ruthlessly unforgiving ? with empty spaces and case sensitivity.


    look through my screenshots how i SPREAD / Unpivot / One-hot-encode the Contact Type column into one column for each contact type.




    if you're still having problems.  As a testing step, i would

    1) SELECT just the columns that I want to unpviot and the row identifier.

    2) SPREAD rowIdentifier across unpivotColumn to see if it works.


    Good luck!

    Jae Wilson
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  • You are going to want to use the Uncollapse Columns tile in the ETL to do this. The KB has a nice walkthrough on how to do this. Here is the link:


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  • Hi Mark,


    I tried to play around with uncollapse columns but woukd not let me create the new colums that i needed. Each prospect has a contact type and i am trying to create 4 new colums for the type of contact but everytime i run uncollapse colums it doesnt populate anything in the new colums. It seems like because the coolumn data i need is not a number but instead text. Does that make sense or am i doing something wrong? Thanks!

  • @user13799 - Can you post a screen shot of your ETL to see what you're doing so we can help diagnose (making sure not to include any propietary data/PII/PHI etc)? The data type shouldn't matter when doing an uncollapse column.

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  • Hi Jae,


    Thisn was very helpful! Thank you very much


    Look forward to chekcing out your youtube channel for help in the future.