Merge Key Location for Google BigQuery Service Connector

I can not pick a Merge Key Location when scheduling the update mode for the Google BigQuery Service Connector.

Can someone explain how to pick a key and how in general to set up the scheduling?

And if i can not choose a key, how does the connector work? What will be compared to replace rows in my dataset?

Btw, I am using MySQL.

Thank you

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  • Heidi
    Heidi Domo Employee
    Answer ✓

    Hi there,

    I'd recommend reviewing the docs from Google to help build the query and set the key:


    You could also set it to a full replace if needed, but then you would only be getting the data from the set date range. If it is set to append without a key it would look at the last run and include any new rows. Without having a key you may end up with duplicates if using that method.


    Best of luck!