Concat + Round

Hello, I need a text card that has a specific text concatenated to a beast mode, which is a percentage value.


Currently I have the syntax as:


Concat(TEXT, Round(BeastMode*100,2))


But it returns this 




And my scrap values is of 2.09% (0.02089 in the beast mode before multiplying by 100)


Any help provided is appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


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  • MartinB
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    I did but it didn't work as expected Smiley Frustrated


    Anyways I solved it with the Header/Footer chart option. I just added the text as Header and then the beast mode calculation set up as percentage and that did the trick Smiley Very Happy




  • @MartinB 

    Did you check your formatting options in in the optional value field? You can control what data type it should be and the decimal places just like you do on any other card. You can even choose percentage, so you don't have to do any beast mode gymnastics. 

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  • Hey Martin, 

    If i had to guess you have an error in when your beastmode evaluates the concat.


    Can you confirm that Round(BeastMode*100,2) delivers the expected result in a table card?


    Does your CONCAT function wrap an aggregation or does it evaluate at the row level?


    consider the differnece between:

    concat('text', round(`metricA` / 1000,2))

    concat('text', round(sum(metricA) / 1000,2))


    the first will calculate at the row-level whereas the second will calculate AFTER aggregation.  If I use the first calculation, you might get A result, but it's probably not the expected result.


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