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After months of successful runs, I started getting an error message in Domo last week on some Facebook datasets. I've attached a screenshot. Does anyone understand what this error is why it's happening?  Domo is ready, but Facebook no longer supports requesting Insights for Pages that you are not an administrator for.


I am an administrator for our Facebook page.


The data sets affected by this happen to be the ones I need the most:

Page Post Video Daily Metrics

Page Post Video Metrics

Published Posts

Page Post Lifetime Metrics

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    Hello Neeti, the Facebook issue ended up being a Domo bug. It was fixed about 10 days ago. Thanks!


  • Hi @user019875 ,


    Please read below article on facebook, it may help you:



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  • Thank you for the response, Neeti. Unfortunately, I don't think that link addresses my problem. My issue is with Facebook Advanced and permission settings and not Facebook Ads Advanced and adding new campaigns.

  • Hi @user019875 ,


    Here are few more information I could gather for you, which may help you.


    Did you read knowledge base article on Facebook Advance connector? Or even how you can manage user accounts? It talks about permission, 3rd party.


    Typically, each account for a data provider would contain the same access permissions in the third-party system, except when you intentionally want to use DataSets that depend on user access.

    If not, please check below links:




    Another article says:


    You have to give permissions for Domo to access to an account that has access to the resources you're looking for so you need as many accounts setup as are able to access the pages you need. Ex. If one facebook account has permissions to manage 10 company pages that you want stats for you only need to create that one account in Domo, but if it's setup where each account only has access to a single facebook page you want stats on yes, you have to create 10 different accounts.

    Once the data is in Domo you can use a dataflow to combine them together however you see fit so that you can have a single report for activity.


    Facebook connection requires that user's credentials be tied to a Facebook business page with either "Analyst" or "Admin" permissions. So you can choose to your personal Facebook creds, but you have to be added as an "Admin" or "Analyst" on your company business page before you can start pulling reports with data. 


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  • Hi Neeti,


    Thanks again for your response. My Facebook Business Account is set to "Admin", and in Domo I am an "Admin". I am the only one who has connected to Facebook Advanced datasets. Everything was working for months until 12 March. I've read both Domo documentation as well as Facebook Developer information, but I don't see anything addressing the error. I reached out to Domo Connector team and will have a response by Friday. I can post the answer here in case others have the issue occur.


    Thanks again!


  • Sure @user019875 , please do let us know.