How do I display Time (mm-ss) as a value in bar chart

Hi - I have tried to hunt down this answer but it is tough to phrase and I haven't found a solution.


My time is in seconds, and I used the SEC_TO_TIME function to get a nice output - the data is exactly how I want it. In a table it looks like this:




However, when I try to put this information into a Bar or Pie, it shows no data. Am I missing something obvious here?



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    @cjack-PML - Have you tried plotting the seconds value as a number (total seconds - 65, 58, 12, 38, 22) rather than the string formatted version (00:01:05, 00:00:58, 00:00:12, 00:00:38, 00:00:22) of your seconds? You could then utilize your formatted string as a tooltip and then change the hover text or display text to pull the value from the Tooltip 1 field.

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  • Does your organization use Google Analytics? If so, you can add the Google Analytics Quickstart App to your instance and it contains a pre-built card with beast modes that might be helpful for you. I have the quickstart app in our instance and there is a card called Average Visit Duration. They have a beast mode for average visit duration that converts the time on sites to a decimal in minutes. This seems like something you could use. Here is the beast mode:

    (CASE  WHEN (SUM(`Visits`) = 0) THEN 0 ELSE ((SUM(`Time On Site`) / SUM(`Visits`)) / 60) END )

    The card ends up looking like this:


    Hope this helps.

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  • This is a really cool solution and it does work! Thanks!


    One issue for me is that I have to export these as PowerPoint slides. But your solution still works for this: in my Data Label Settings I set Text to include the tooltip as well, so now the time displays above each of the bars

    domo solved.png

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