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I am just wondering if there is a way to pull the cell or text color from Google Sheets into a Domo Table? 


We have a google sheet that is updated manually with scheduling information. If an appointment is scheduled then the date is input with red text color, once the appointment has been completed the text color is changed to black to confirm it has been done. This google sheet is then broken down by Domo into a table to send as a status report to each technician. 


So back to the question, is there a way to do this with just text color? We are willing to change the process if anyone has any ideas. 


Any help is appreciated! 



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    You won't be able to pull in the color however you can tweak your spreadsheet and add an additional column to hold the status (You can go one step further with Google Sheets and restrict the values within the column to be only selectable from values in a list you specify to enforce data integrity). That column will then get imported into Domo where you can utilize it within a beast mode to color the original text as you outlined.

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