Any impact on already certified people?

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Hi Team,


I am already DOMO professional and technical certified, 7 months back. Is there any impact or kind of valid period for this as well?





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    Hello, There does not appear to be an impact, with that said you may want to contact your customer success manager.

  • @Neeti which certifications have you completed?


    They are typically valid for a year and we will provide guidance over the summer for renewing certifications.




    CC @Trumpetbob42 

  • Neeti
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    Hi @DaniBoy 


    Thanks for the reply. I have completed :


     Domo Accreditation, 

     Professional Services Certification,
     Technical Certification
    These are the badget I have received so far.
  • When do you complete these?


    Have you worked on any of the certifications launched last June.


    Level I

    Level II

    Major Domo


    CC @Trumpetbob42 

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